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Grace Park wants to be penetrated

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

As a Battlestar Galactica fan, I’m pretty relieved our beautiful Grace Park isn’t actually a humanoid robot. With all the lusting man fans out there, yours truly included, wanting to see her strip off so everyone can have a dive at her ass-kicking pussy, we’re all lucky cyborgs have yet to be created to eventually replace and outbreed human chicks and their hot, penetrable vaginas. I mean, what good is perfected, albeit mechanically engineered beauty that humanoid robots may possess if the time comes to stick your dick inside their mech-vagina and you pull out with scratches, a bolt jammed in your pecker, and your naked ass electrocuted out of horniness? But again, thank god Grace Park is as real as can be, as are these delectably naked pictures of her. Now who wouldn’t want to know what a dick feels like up that waiting pussy of hers, huh? If you want to feel how warm and cum-hungry this celebrity chick’s clit is just to prove how human she is (or if you just want to get off), head over here for the rest of Grace Park’s steamy, naked photos.

Sexy topless pictures of Grace Park

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Things are getting better and hotter by the minute and the Battlestar Galactica star Grace Park (or better known as the humanoid cylon Number Eight) is just oozing with pure sexual goodness when we got to see these hot, hot topless pictures of her posing while wearing a nice pair of jeans. We were just stunned to see how awesome she looked and we could have wished that she had unfurled those arms and gave us a good look at her tits! Well, it may not be that big but what the heck, just having that thought of seeing her naked is all we’re after and it’s about time that you get to see her sexy photos for yourselves and enjoy them.

One pose from her is enough to get you really crazy and in these photos, you can see how playful and naughty her expressions were and you would want to jump on her and fuck the living daylights out of this Hollywood actress! So click here and see the rest of the photos only at Grace Park Nude.

Grace Park posing in sexy lingerie

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Aside from being a Hollywood celebrity, Grace Park is into modeling as well. It was in 2006 when the actress was included in the list for Maxim’s Online Hot 100 list where she was ranked #93, not bad for an Asian in Hollywood who has everything to be proud of, including that gorgeous figure that can make any dude in this world pant like crazy! And the entire universe got a sneak peek into the sexy side of Grace as she appeared in one of Maxim’s issues and she was just outright alluring and very tempting! Posing in some of the sexiest black lingerie she was almost good as naked and you would just want to bring that magazine up to your room, lock yourselves up and jerk all day!

There is something really alluring and magical about this babe and maybe it’s her Asian looks that gives her that extra edge in becoming one of the sexiest felines to date and now’s your chance to see our picture collection of Grace in her sexy lingerie by visiting Grace Park Nude right now and load up on more sleazy stuff about this celebrity you won’t find anywhere else! So click here and have a raunchy good time…

Steamy nude photos of Grace Park

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

She may be a humanoid cylon in Battlestar Galactica and this tough-talking lieutenant in Command & Conquer: Tiberium Wars, but Grace Park has a very sexy side to her and with those luscious Asian looks, you can just imagine how many dudes and geeks start fantasizing about her and of course, we couldn’t help but get those sleazy and lurid thoughts of Grace getting some poon-tang fun while we sit back and stroke our little buddies underneath… and now all of you Grace Park fans are in for one treat as we uncover some of these never-before-seen photos of the sexy actress/model posing in all of her naked glory! Yes ladies and gentlemen, Grace Park in the nude! All captured in crisp, vivid detail.

I bet that once you get to see her steamy nude photos you wouldn’t want to take your eyes off ‘em and stare at her tits, ass and that sweet pussy as she poses seductively for your utmost delight. Oh we do have a collection of those revealing pictures of Grace and if you want to see them all, just click here or visit Grace Park Nude today for more of her sleaze uncovered.